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OTA Archive gets mentioned in Forensic Magazine

July 30, 2008

Click here to read the full post.

Coverage from Denialism Blog

Posted Aug. 1, 2008

The folks over at denialism blog have a new write-up about the Office of Technology Assessment that mentions the OTA Archive project. The full post is available here.

OTA Archive mentioned in Animal Lab News

ALN Magazine | July 30, 2008

Click here to see their post about the OTA Archive.

Weekend wrap-up of OTA Archive coverage

A few more websites have mentioned the OTA Archive-

Total WonKerr

Atomic Archive


More posts about OTA and the OTA Archive

A few more blogs have discussed the OTA since our launch Wednesday…

From The Great Beyond, a blog hosted by Nature:

“Washington is full of science-policy wonks who bemoan the loss of the Office of Technology Assessment, which between 1972 and 1995 was the go-to place for smart independent advice for policymakers on science and technology topics. Fortunately, OTA junkies now have an online fix for all their needs.”

From Rhetoric and Rockets:

“Before OTA is reborn I would want to know the following:

  • How, exactly, would a revived OTA would function?
  • How big would it be?
  • Who would participate?
  • More importantly (from my semi-mistrustful point of view) who DECIDES who gets to participate?
  • What would the new OTA charter look like?
  • What steps would be taken to prevent the real or perceived irrelevance of the agency?
  • What provisions will be made to ensure that OTA remains a “lean and mean,” think tank type of organization?
  • In short, what will OTA supporters do to assure budget hawks that the agency deserves to be reborn when there is already a call to decrease the deficit, balance the budget, and eliminate a great deal of waste elsewhere in the federal government?”

Exploring Interdisciplinarity:

“The Agency, which we as staffers labeled “Congress’ Own Think Tank,” had become official in 1972, and was tasked with taking a long-term look at the implications of technology on all aspects of society. By most accounts, we did a phenomenal job.”

OTA Archive coverage around the web

Here’s a sampling of some of the coverage the OTA Archive launch received around the internet.

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George Dimitriou

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