Two videos about OTA discovered

I’ve been doing some browsing through Wikipedia, YouTube and Google Video and have come across two videos about OTA. Both include excellent summaries of OTA’s mission and explain how reports were created. Both also feature cutting edge video and audio effects and plenty of examples of sweet fashion from the 1980s and early 1990s.

Which one is your favorite? Does anyone know who originally posted these videos on Google Video?

OTA on OTA (1983)

Office of Technology Assessment (early 1990s)

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  • The videos were posted by Peter Blair, who had been OTA’s Assistant Director and head of its Industry, Commerce, and International Security Division (and before that Program Manager for the Energy and Materials Program). They were typically shown at the first meeting of each OTA study’s Advisory Panel to explain what OTA was and how it worked.

    Advisory Panels consisted of policy and technical experts and stakeholders that would be formed for each major study to serve as information sources and reviewers and to help ensure technical accuracy and balance. They would meet several times over the course of a study to discuss the overall structure and direction of a study, to evaluate progress as the study proceeded, and to review the final drafts. However, they did not take responsibility for the report itself and were not asked to come to consensus. In fact, they were typically selected to have a diversity of viewpoints that would make consensus impossible. OTA reports would identify and thank Advisory Panel members but would indicate that the views expressed in the study were not necessarily those of the Advisory Panel members.

  • Hi Nate – I have several more OTA-videos e.g., first Employee Achievement Awards and also a DVD set of from the OTA Forum on Technology and Governance in January 1993 that I have now converted from VHS format. If someone is interested posting them on YouTube that would be great; however each is about 45-50 min. lomg. But they are great – Gro Harlem Brundtland, Laura Tyson, McNamara, and more.

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