Technology-dependent children

By Christopher Johnson, MD | Chris Johnson Blog | August 13, 2008

Dr. Johnson has a new blog post on children that are technology-dependent, or in other words they rely on technology in order to stay alive. He says:

“How many of these children are there in the community?…The only comprehensive data I could find for the USA are twenty years old, when a study (This 1987 OTA report, Technology Dependent Children: Hospital Vs. Home Care) from the federal Office of Technology Assessment estimated the total as 50,000 children (or about 5/100,000 persons) were technology-dependent, 2,000 of these needing ventilators.”

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  • Jill Peacock RN, MSN

    I would appreciate speaking with anyone who has already developed or would like to begin developing a data collection network that could track the number of ventilator dependent children in the United States. This information could serve many purposes in the clinical arena and quite policy in the area of policy development.

    These children and their families may be low in numbers but are high in cost. Most importantly, they are living in communities (just like yours and mine) all over the country, frequently clinging on to what little “normalcy” life offers them.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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