Thirteenth Anniversary

It has been thirteen years since the closing of OTA, which was officially closed on September 29, 1995.  Unoffficially, a few people stayed on to finish up some projects and a few people stayed  officially for two more month to clear up the rubble. (I guess that is the answer to your trivia question, Mike.)

The amazing thing is that, thirteen years later, OTA is mentioned in the press almost every day.  It shows that former Congressman Amo Houghton (R-New York) was right when he said, “Those of us who have used OTA reports know that most of them have long shelf lives. The really important issues–the issues OTA worked on–do not get solved and go away in one Congress.”   from In Memoriam: The Office of Technology Assessment, 1972-95

6 Responses to “Thirteenth Anniversary”

  • I presume it would be bad luck (as if we needed any more) to have a thirteenth anniversary party . . . .

  • For me, it seems like yesterday and it also seems like several lifetimes ago. Few ghost organizations inspire such continuing passion on the part of its participants, there is a reason for OTA being one of these.

  • Office Of Technology Assessments will always be remembered why not have a party?

  • Hi Ellen — nice to see your post, and wonderful to see our connections still go on. not a day goes by when i don’t think about ota. Best, Denise.

  • I think of the many acquaintance made during my time with OTA and I just can’t believe it has been 13 years!! I access D.C. websites and stay up on most of the Hill news from the desert here at the base of Superstition Mts in Gold Canyon, AZ and note the many references to OTA. What an experience!!

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