The Bleeding Edge: Tech Predictions for 2009

David P. McClure | The CPA Technology Advisor | January 2009

A recent magazine column scores technology predictions for 2008 and makes new predictions for 2009.  One of the predictions is that a cabinet-level technology officer will be created in the new administration, which is based upon an idea floated by President Obama during his campaign.   Pointing out the need for such an office, the column states, “Since the Congress dismantled the Office of Technology Assessment more than a decade ago, the federal government has been forced to deal with rapidly evolving technologies with little or no independent guidance and no central point from which to make national policies to advance technology utilization. I’m all for changing that.”

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  • This position would be very good for the hill, but only if they are connected at the hip with the FBI, DOJ, FCC, DHS and DOD.

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