Holt Testifies at Appropriations Hearing

Emily Yehle | Roll Call | May 6, 2009

Rep. Rush Holt testified at the House Legislative Branch Appropriations hearing Tuesday, asking the subcommittee to reinstate OTA in the 2010 budget.

“It was part of Congress. It spoke our language,” Holt was quoted as saying in the  Roll Call article. “It understood our peculiarities — how Members worked and our schedule.”

2 Responses to “Holt Testifies at Appropriations Hearing”

  • Maybe this time….

  • We can continue to hope. The problem is that the OTA was too much of a legitimate voice of opposition to the shortsightedness of current business and market fundamentals.

    Eliminating it created this significant knowledge gap and this has been by design. Perhaps if the press and media gave attention to real important issues, the formation of a new OTA could gain traction. Its 94-95 demise and the successive impacts on 1)declining “avg” American standards of living, the wealth polarization factor; 2) momentous unsustainable economic policy….are profound.

    A link must be drawn between the absence of Congressional “knowledge” and how much more consumers and tax payers are being taken advantage of…..the political system is becoming / has become incompatible with the cause and effect analytics and studies that OTA crafted for our legislatures. Now a shady piece of legislation can be given to the voting members of congress with a couple weeks to go threw it. What happened to committee and subcommittee hearings for all legislation?

    The quality control and statistical process control measures that the OTA’s efforts provided are sorely missed. I hope we can still bring back with all that has transpired during its absence.

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