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A nuclear-free mirage

By Dilip Hiro | February 7, 2008 | comment is free- The Guardian Unlimited

A 1993 OTA report on the proliferation of WMD capabilities gets mentioned in this article.

Top Five Animal Care Stocks | By James Altucher | January 22, 2008

This article suggests some top animal care stocks for investors. An OTA report (does anyone know what the reference might be?) is cited that claims that animal farm care costs are $25 billion/year and rising.

Science Debate 2008- what do the candidates think about OTA?

CA greening blog | January 18, 2008

A post describing the effort to have a presidential science debate in 2008 (update 4/18/08 – it didn’t happen, at least not yet), and criticism for the Democratic Congress for their failure to revive OTA.

OTA on its way back?

Mailbucket correspondence about the attempt to bring back OTA.

Reviving the Office of Technology Assessment

By Katy Makeig | October 2001 | Geotimes

Katy Makeig was a Congressional Science Fellow working in the Office of Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ). In this article she describes the legislative effort to bring back OTA. She says, “Some of the most technologically complex issues that have ever faced lawmakers are now before a body — the Congress of the United States — where less than 5 percent of the members have any scientific or technical training.”

Bring Back the OTA – Bring Back Evidence Based Government

By Mark Hoofnagle | September 14, 2007 | Denialism blog

A post urging Congress to bring back the OTA.