Annual Report to the Congress for 1979 (March 1980)

Criteria for Evaluating the Implementation Plan Required By the Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act of 1977 (January 1980)

Impact of Advanced Group Rapid Transit Technology (January 1980)

U.S. Disaster Assistance to Developing Countries: Lessons Applicable to U.S. Domestic Disaster Programs (January 1980)

Issues and Options in Flood Hazards Management (February 1980)

Quarterly Report to the Technology Assessment Board October 1 – December 31, 1979 (February 1980)

Alternative Energy Futures: Part I-The Future of Liquefied Natural Gas Imports (March 1980)

Advanced High-Speed Aircraft (April 1980)

Forecasts of Physician Supply and Requirements (April 1980)

Recent Developments in Ocean Thermal Energy (April 1980)

Taggants in Explosives (April 1980)

Ocean Margin Drilling (May 1980)

An Assessment of Oil Shale Technologies (June 1980)

Conservation and Solar Energy Programs of the Department of Energy: A Critique (June 1980)

Technology and Steel Industry Competitiveness (June 1980)

Assessment of Oil Shale Technologies-Vol. II: A History and Analysis of the Federal Prototype Oil Shale Leasing Program (July 1980)

Energy From Biological Processes (July 1980)

Proceedings of the OTA Seminar on the Discrete Address Beacon System (DABS) (July 1980)

Energy from Biological Processes: Volume II-Technical and Environmental Analyses (September 1980)

The Implications of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Medical Technology: Methodological Issues and Literature Review (September 1980)

The Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness of Psychotherapy (October 1980)

The Management of Health Care Technology in Ten Countries (October 1980)

Compensation for Vaccine-Related Injuries (November 1980)

World Petroleum Availability 1980-2000 (November 1980)