‘D’ Topics

Defense technology

See also Business and industry; Competitiveness; Economic development; Environmental health; Hazardous waste; International relations and technology transfer

Adjusting to a New Security Environment: The Defense Technology and Industrial Base Challenge (February 1991)

After the Cold War: Living With Lower Defense Spending (February 1992)

American Military Power: Future Needs, Future Choices (October 1991)

Anti-Satellite Weapons, Countermeasures, and Arms Control (September 1985)

Arming Our Allies: Cooperation and Competition in Defense Technology (May 1990)

Arms Control in Space (May 1984)

Assessing the Potential for Civil-Military Integration: Selected Case Studies (September 1995)

Assessing the Potential for Civil-Military Integration: Technologies, Processes, and Practices (September 1994)

Ballistic Missile Defense Technologies (September 1985)

Building Future Security: Strategies for Restructuring the Defense Technology and Industrial Base (June 1992)

The Chemical Weapons Convention: Effects on the U.S. Chemical Industry (August 1993)

The Containment of Underground Nuclear Explosions (October 1989)

Contributions of DOE Weapons Labs and NIST to Semiconductor Technology (September 1993)

Defense Conversion: Redirecting R&D (May 1993)

The Defense Technology Base: Introduction and Overview (March 1988)

Directed Energy Missile Defense in Space (April 1984)

Distributed Interactive Simulation of Combat (September 1995)

The Effects of Nuclear War (May 1979)

Environmental Monitoring for Nuclear Safeguards (September 1995)

Evaluating Defense Department Research (July 1990)

Global Arms Trade: Commerce in Advanced Military Technology and Weapons (June 1991)

Holding the Edge: Maintaining the Defense Technology Base (April 1989)

Holding the Edge: Maintaining the Defense Technology Base-Vol. II, Appendices (January 1990)

Improving the Prospects for Future International Peace Operations: Workshop Proceedings (September 1995)

Lessons in Restructuring Defense Industry: The French Experience (June 1992)

Monitoring Limits on Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles (September 1992)

MX Missile Basing (September 1981)

New Technology for NATO: Implementing Follow-On Forces Attack (June 1987)

Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards (June 1977)

Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards: Appendix Volume II, Part One (June 1977)

Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards: Appendix Volume II, Part Two (June 1977)

Nuclear Safeguards and the International Atomic Energy Agency (April 1995)

Other Approaches to Civil-Military Integration: The Chinese and Japanese Arms Industries (March 1995)

Proliferation and the Former Soviet Union (September 1994)

Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Assessing the Risks (August 1993)

Redesigning Defense: Planning the Transition to the Future U.S. Defense Industrial Base (July 1991)

SDI: Technology, Survivability, and Software (May 1988)

Seismic Verification of Nuclear Testing Treaties (May 1988)

Taggants in Explosives (April 1980)

Technologies for NATO’s Follow-On Forces Attack Concept (July 1986)

Technologies Underlying Weapons of Mass Destruction (December 1993)

Technology Against Terrorism: Structuring Security (January 1992)

Technology Against Terrorism: The Federal Effort (July 1991)

Verification Technologies: Cooperative Aerial Surveillance in International Agreements (July 1991)

Verification Technologies: Managing Research and Development for Cooperative Arms Control Monitoring Measures (May 1991)

Verification Technologies: Measures for Monitoring Compliance With the START Treaty (December 1990)

Virtual Reality and Technologies for Combat Simulation (September 1994)

Who Goes There: Friend or Foe? (June 1993)

Developing countries

See Aging; Energy technology; Forests and forestry; International relations and technology transfer


See also Aging; Education; Health and health technology; Mental health; Transportation

Access to Over-the-Road Buses for Persons With Disabilities (May 1993)

Assistive Devices for Severe Speech Impairments (December 1983)

Hearing Impairment and Elderly People (May 1986)

Psychiatric Disabilities, Employment and the Americans With Disabilities Act (March 1994)

Selected Telecommunications Devices for Hearing-Impaired Persons (December 1982)

Technology and Handicapped People (May 1982)


See AIDS/HIV infection; Health and health technology; Law and law enforcement technology; Pharmaceuticals; Substance abuse and addiction