‘B’ topics

Banks and banking

See Computer security; Information technology; Telecommunications

Biological diversity

See also Forests and forestry

Assessing Biological Diversity in the United States: Data Considerations (March 1986)

Grassroots Conservation of Biological Diversity in the United States (February 1986)

Technologies To Maintain Biological Diversity (March 1987)

Biological research and technology

See also Agricultural technology; Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias; Health and health technology; Law and law enforcement technology; Mental health; Research and development; Science and technology

Alternatives to Animal Use in Research, Testing, and Education (February 1986)

Biological Rhythms: Implications for the Worker (September 1991)

Biotechnology in a Global Economy (October 1991)

Commercial Biotechnology: An International Analysis (January 1984)

Cystic Fibrosis and DNA Tests: Implications of Carrier Screening (August 1992)

Federal Technology Transfer and the Human Genome Project (September 1995)

Genetic Counseling and Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening: Results of a Survey (October 1992)

Genetic Monitoring and Screening in the Workplace (October 1990)

Genetic Tests and Health Insurance: Results of a Survey (October 1992)

Genetic Witness: Forensic Uses of DNA Tests (July 1990)

Human Gene Therapy (December 1984)

Identifying and Controlling Immunotoxic Substances (April 1991)

Identifying and Controlling Pulmonary Toxicants (June 1992)

Impacts of Applied Genetics: Micro-Organisms, Plants, and Animals (April 1981)

Impacts of Neuroscience (March 1984)

Innovative Biological Technologies for Lesser Developed Countries (July 1985)

Mapping Our Genes-Genome Projects: How Big? How Fast? (April 1988)

Neural Grafting: Repairing the Brain and Spinal Cord (October 1990)

Neurotoxicity: Identifying and Controlling Poisons of the Nervous System (April 1990)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Field-Testing Engineered Organisms: Genetic and Ecological Issues (May 1988)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Ownership of Human Tissues and Cells (March 1987)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Patenting Life-Special Report (April 1989)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Public Perceptions of Biotechnology (May 1987)

New Developments in Biotechnology: U.S. Investment in Biotechnology (July 1988)

Researching Health Risks (January 1993)

The Role of Genetic Testing in the Prevention of Occupational Diseases (April 1983)

Status of Biomedical Research and Related Technology for Tropical Diseases (September 1985)

Technologies for Detecting Heritable Mutations in Human Beings (September 1986)

Biological weapons

See Defense technology


See also Materials

Biopolymers: Making Materials Nature’s Way (September 1993)


See Biological research and technology

Business and industry

See also Competitiveness; Computer technology; Defense technology; Economic development; Economy; Employment and training; International relations and technology transfer; Metals industry

Benefits of Increased Use of Continuous Casting by the U.S. Steel Industry (October 1979)

Development Assistance, Export Promotion, and Environmental Technology (August 1993)

Exploratory Workshop on the Social Impacts of Robotics: Summary and Issues (February 1982)

Global Standards: Building Blocks for the Future (March 1992)

Innovation and Commercialization of Emerging Technologies (September 1995)

Multinationals and the National Interest: Playing by Different Rules (September 1993)

Multinationals and the U.S. Technology Base (September 1994)

Paying the Bill: Manufacturing and America’s Trade Deficit (June 1988)

Pulling Together for Productivity: A Union-Management Initiative at US West, Inc. (September 1993)

Screening and Testing Chemicals in Commerce (September 1995)

Technology, Renewable Resources, and American Crafts (April 1984)

Trade Adjustment Assistance: New Ideas for an Old Program (June 1987)

Trade and Environment: Conflicts and Opportunities (May 1992)

Trade in Services: Exports and Foreign Revenues (September 1986)

U.S.-Mexico Trade: Pulling Together or Pulling Apart? (September 1992)