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Making Things Better: Competing in Manufacturing (February 1990)

Managed Care and Competitive Health Care Markets: The Twin Cities Experience (July 1994)

Management of Fuel and Nonfuel Minerals in Federal Land (April 1979)

The Management of Health Care Technology in Ten Countries (October 1980)

Managing Industrial Solid Wastes From Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas Production, and Utility Coal Combustion (March 1992)

Managing Commercial High-Level Radioactive Waste:  Summary  (April 1982) (This summary is a stand-alone document released prior to the 1985 report, which had its own summary.)

Managing the Nation’s Commercial High-Level Radioactive Waste (March 1985)

Mandatory Passive Restraint Systems in Automobiles: Issues and Evidence (September 1982)

Mapping Our Genes-Genome Projects: How Big? How Fast? (April 1988)

Marine Applications for Fuel Cell Technology (February 1986)

Marine Minerals: Exploring Our New Ocean Frontier (July 1987)

The Market for Wheelchairs: Innovations and Federal Policy (November 1984)

Materials and Energy From Municipal Waste (July 1979)

Medical Devices and the Veterans Administration (February 1985)

Medical Monitoring and Screening in the Workplace: Results of a Survey (September 1991)

Medical Technology and the Costs of the Medicare Program (July 1984)

Medical Technology Under Proposals To Increase Competition in Health Care (October 1982)

Medical Testing and Health Insurance (August 1988)

Medicare’s Prospective Payment System: Strategies for Evaluating Cost, Quality, and Medical Technology (October 1985)

MEDLARS and Health Information Policy (September 1982)

The Menopause, Hormone Therapy, and Women’s Health (May 1992)

Mental Disorders and Genetics: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Society (September 1994)

Microelectronics Research and Development (March 1986)

Miniaturization Technologies (November 1991)

Monitoring Limits on Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles (September 1992)

Moving Ahead: 1991 Surface Transportation Legislation (June 1991)

Multinationals and the National Interest: Playing by Different Rules (September 1993)

Multinationals and the U.S. Technology Base (September 1994)

MX Missile Basing (September 1981)