Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Polygraph Tests

Rumination’s blog | April 27, 2008

The author cites this 1983 OTA report in his discussion of the reliability of polygraph tests. Read the full post here.

The Most Powerful People in America | By Joel Hirschhorn | April 26, 2008

The author, a former senior official at OTA, urges the American public to use “the power of the purse” to initiate change. See the full post here.

Dean Bierbaum to co-direct prestigious World Bank Report on climate change, development press release

“Rosina M. Bierbaum, professor and dean of the School of Natural Resources and Environment ( SNRE ) at the University of Michigan, has been selected by the World Bank to co-author and co-direct its prestigious World Development Report 2010, which will focus on climate change and development.”

Dean Bierbaum worked on climate change and other issues at the OTA.

Click here to read the full press release.

Trade-In a Gas-Guzzler for an Electric Car This Earth Day at ZAP

Press Release posted on website | April 18, 2008

A car dealership in California is looking for a way to boost sales, and to do so they’re hoping consumers will trade in older, more polluting vehicles for electric cars in honor of Earth Day. Their press release cites this 1994 1992 OTA report on the cost and emissions-savings of retiring old vehicles.

The Ethics of “CAM” Trials: Gonzo (Part III)

By Kimball Atwood | Science-Based Medicine Blog | April 11, 2008

A 1990 OTA report on unconventional cancer treatments is the focus of this blog post.

What About Congress?

By Michael Stebbins | The Scientist | April 2008

The author discusses the 2008 elections in the U.S. and reminds us of the role Congress plays in the development of science policy. He argues that eliminating OTA significantly hampered Congress’s ability to use sound science advice to craft federal policy.