Assessing Contractor Use in Superfund (January 1989)

The Use of Preventive Services by the Elderly (January 1989)

Big Dumb Boosters: A Low-Cost Space Transportation Option? (February 1989)

Enhancing the Quality of U.S. Grain for International Trade (February 1989)

Grain Quality in International Trade: A Comparison of Major U.S. Competitors (February 1989)

Oil Production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The Technology and the Alaskan Oil Context (February 1989)

Safer Skies with TCAS: Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System-A Special Report (February 1989)

Higher Education for Science and Engineering (March 1989)

Costs and Effectiveness of Cholesterol Screening in the Elderly (April 1989)

Holding the Edge: Maintaining the Defense Technology Base (April 1989)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Patenting Life-Special Report (April 1989)

Performance Standards for Secondary School Vocational Education (April 1989)

Technology Transfer to the United States: The MIT-Japan Science and Technology Program (April 1989)

Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields (May 1989)

Electric Power Wheeling and Dealing: Technological Considerations for Increasing Competition (May 1989)

Technologies for Reducing Dioxin in the Manufacture of Bleached Wood Pulp (May 1989)

Adolescent Health Insurance Status: Analyses of Trends in Coverage and Preliminary Estimates of the Effects of an Employer Mandate and Medicaid Expansion on the Uninsured (June 1989)

Catching Our Breath: Next Steps for Reducing Urban Ozone (July 1989)

Competition in Coastal Seas: An Evaluation of Foreign Maritime Activities in the 200-Mile EEZ (July 1989)

Defining “Rural” Areas: Impact on Health Care Policy and Research (July 1989)

Round Trip to Orbit: Human Spaceflight Alternatives (August 1989)

Advanced Vehicle/Highway Systems and Urban Traffic Problems (September 1989)

High-Performance Computing and Networking for Science (September 1989)

Polar Prospects: A Minerals Treaty for Antarctica (September 1989)

Statistical Needs for a Changing U.S. Economy (September 1989)

Coming Clean: Superfund Problems Can Be Solved… (October 1989)

The Containment of Underground Nuclear Explosions (October 1989)

Copyright and Home Copying: Technology Challenges the Law (October 1989)

Facing America’s Trash: What Next for Municipal Solid Waste? (October 1989)

Federal Scientific and Technical Information in an Electronic Age: Opportunities and Challenges (October 1989)

Linking for Learning: A New Course for Education (November 1989)

Partnerships Under Pressure: Managing Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste (November 1989)

Rural Emergency Medical Services (November 1989)