‘I-K’ Topics

Information technology

See also Communications; Computer security; Computer technology; Education; Health and health technology; Law and law enforcement technology; Research and development; Science and technology; Telecommunications

Bringing Health Care Online: The Role of Information Technologies (September 1995)

Computer-Based National Information Systems: Technology and Public Policy Issues (September 1981)

Effects of Information Technology on Financial Services Systems (September 1984)

Electronic Bulls and Bears: U.S. Securities Markets and Information Technology (September 1990)

Electronic Delivery of Public Assistance Benefits: Technology Options and Policy Issues (April 1988)

Electronic Enterprises: Looking to the Future (May 1994)

The Electronic Supervisor: New Technology, New Tensions (September 1987)

Federal Government Information Technology: Management, Security, and Congressional Oversight (February 1986)

Federal Scientific and Technical Information in an Electronic Age: Opportunities and Challenges (October 1989)

Hospital Information Systems at the Veterans Administration (September 1987)

Implications of Electronic Mail and Message Systems for the U.S. Postal Service (August 1982)

Information Technologies for the Control of Money Laundering (September 1995)

Information Technology R&D: Critical Trends and Issues (February 1985)

Informing the Nation: Federal Information Dissemination in an Electronic Age (October 1988)

Making Government Work: Electronic Delivery of Federal Services (September 1993)

A Preliminary Analysis of the IRS Tax Administration System (March 1977)

Review of Postal Automation Strategy: A Technical and Decision Analysis (June 1984)

The Social Security Administration and Information Technology (October 1986)

Trading Around the Clock: Global Securities Markets and Information Technology (July 1990)

Wage Record Information Systems (May 1994)

Insect and pest management technology

See also Agricultural technology

Biologically Based Technologies for Pest Control (September 1995)

Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in the United States (September 1993)

Pest Management Strategies in Crop Protection (October 1979)

Plague of Locusts-Special Report (June 1990)

International relations and technology transfer

See also Agricultural technology; Business and industry; Competitiveness; Energy efficiency; Energy technology; Space

Africa Tomorrow: Issues in Technology, Agriculture, and U.S. Foreign Aid (December 1984)

Aid to Developing Countries: The Technology/Ecology Fit (June 1987)

Energy Technology Transfer to China (September 1985)

Export Controls and Nonproliferation Policy (May 1994)

Grassroots Development: The African Development Foundation (June 1988)

New Opportunities for U.S. Universities in Development Assistance: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment (September 1991)

Technology and East-West Trade (November 1979)

Technology and East-West Trade: An Update (May 1983)

Technology and Soviet Energy Availability (November 1981)

Technology Transfer to China (July 1987)

Technology Transfer to the Middle East (September 1984)

Technology Transfer to the United States: The MIT-Japan Science and Technology Program (April 1989)