Annual Report to the Congress: Fiscal Year 1986 (January 1987)

Preparing for Science and Engineering Careers: Field Level Profiles (January 1987)

The Border War on Drugs (March 1987)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Ownership of Human Tissues and Cells (March 1987)

Technologies To Maintain Biological Diversity (March 1987)

Trends and Status of Computers in Schools: Use in Chapter 1 Programs and Use With Limited English Proficient Students (March 1987)

Losing a Million Minds: Confronting the Tragedy of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias (April 1987)

The U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry: A Revolution in Progress (April 1987)

Wastes in Marine Environments (April 1987)

Commercial Newsgathering From Space (May 1987)

The Costs of AIDS and Other HIV Infections: Review of the Estimates (May 1987)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Public Perceptions of Biotechnology (May 1987)

Technology Dependent Children: Hospital Vs. Home Care (May 1987)

Aid to Developing Countries: The Technology/Ecology Fit (June 1987)

Construction and Materials Research and Development for the Nation’s Public Works (June 1987)

From Pollution to Prevention: A Progress Report on Waste Reduction (June 1987)

Integrated Renewable Resource Management for U.S. Insular Areas (June 1987)

New Technology for NATO: Implementing Follow-On Forces Attack (June 1987)

Trade Adjustment Assistance: New Ideas for an Old Program (June 1987)

International Competition in Services: Banking, Building, Software, Know-How… (July 1987)

Life-Sustaining Technologies and the Elderly (July 1987)

Marine Minerals: Exploring Our New Ocean Frontier (July 1987)

Technologies for the Preservation of Prehistoric and Historic Landscapes (July 1987)

Technology Transfer to China (July 1987)

U.S. Oil Production: The Effect of Low Oil Prices (July 1987)

Do Insects Transmit AIDS? (September 1987)

The Electronic Supervisor: New Technology, New Tensions (September 1987)

Hospital Information Systems at the Veterans Administration (September 1987)

Science, Technology, and the Constitution (September 1987)

Technologies for Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Preservation (September 1987)

Defending Secrets, Sharing Data: New Locks and Keys for Electronic Information (October 1987)

Starpower: The U.S. and the International Quest for Fusion Energy (October 1987)

Identifying and Regulating Carcinogens (November 1987)

Neonatal Intensive Care for Low Birthweight Infants: Costs and Effectiveness (December 1987)

State Educational Testing Practices (December 1987)