‘F’ Topics

Fishing industry

See also Oceans and oceanography

Competition in Coastal Seas: An Evaluation of Foreign Maritime Activities in the 200-Mile EEZ (July 1989)

Current Status of Federal Involvement in U.S. Aquaculture (September 1995)

Establishing a 200-Mile Fisheries Zone (June 1977)

Fish Passage Technologies: Protection at Hydropower Facilities (September 1995)

Selected Technology Issues in U.S. Aquaculture (September 1995)

Foods and nutrition

See also Agricultural technology

Emerging Food Marketing Technologies: A Preliminary Analysis (October 1978)

Enhancing the Quality of U.S. Grain for International Trade (February 1989)

Environmental Contaminants in Food (December 1979)

Food Information Systems (February 1976)

Food Information Systems: Summary and Analysis (August 1976)

Grain Quality in International Trade: A Comparison of Major U.S. Competitors (February 1989)

Nutrition Research Alternatives (September 1978)

Open Shelf-Life Dating of Food (August 1979)

Perspectives on Federal Retail Food Grading (June 1977)

Pesticide Residues in Food: Technologies for Detection (October 1988)

Forests and forestry

See also Biological diversity; Environmental protection

Combined Summaries: Technologies To Sustain Tropical Forest Resources and Biological Diversity (May 1992)

Forest Service Planning: Accommodating Uses, Producing Outputs, and Sustaining Ecosystems (February 1992)

Forest Service Planning: Setting Strategic Direction Under RPA (July 1990)

Sustaining Tropical Forest Resources: Reforestation of Degraded Lands (May 1983)

Sustaining Tropical Forest Resources: U.S. and International Institutions (May 1983)

Technologies To Sustain Forest Resources (March 1984)


See Alternative fuels; Energy efficiency; Energy technology; Oil, gas, and mineral resources