Annual Report to the Congress: Fiscal Year 1992 (January 1993)

Researching Health Risks (January 1993)

Drug Labeling in Developing Countries (February 1993)

Hazards Ahead: Managing Cleanup Worker Health and Safety at the Nuclear Weapons Complex (February 1993)

Pharmaceutical R&D: Costs, Risks, and Rewards (February 1993)

Proceedings: Technology and Governance in the 1990s. Papers Presented at the OTA 20th Anniversary Forum on Technology and Governance in the 1990s (April 1993)

The 1992 World Administrative Radio Conference: Technology and Policy Implications (May 1993)

Access to Over-the-Road Buses for Persons With Disabilities (May 1993)

Data Format Standards for Civilian Remote Sensing Satellites (May 1993)

Policy Analysis at OTA: A Staff Assessment   May 1993

Defense Conversion: Redirecting R&D (May 1993)

Energy Efficiency Technologies for Central and Eastern Europe (May 1993)

Advanced Network Technology (June 1993)

Biomedical Ethics in U.S. Public Policy (June 1993)

Health Insurance: The Hawaii Experience (June 1993)

An Inconsistent Picture: A Compilation of Analyses of Economic Impacts of Competing Approaches to Health Care Reform by Experts and Stakeholders (June 1993)

Who Goes There: Friend or Foe? (June 1993)

Adult Literacy and New Technologies: Tools for a Lifetime (July 1993)

Alternative Coca Reduction Strategies in the Andean Region (July 1993)

The Future of Remote Sensing From Space: Civilian Satellite Systems and Applications (July 1993)

Accessibility and Integrity of Networked Information Collections (August 1993)

The Chemical Weapons Convention: Effects on the U.S. Chemical Industry (August 1993)

Development Assistance, Export Promotion, and Environmental Technology (August 1993)

Industrial Energy Efficiency (August 1993)

Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Assessing the Risks (August 1993)

U.S. Telecommunications Services in European Markets (August 1993)

Aging Nuclear Power Plants: Managing Plant Life and Decommissioning (September 1993)

Aircraft Evacuation Testing: Research and Technology Issues (September 1993)

Benefit Design in Health Care Reform: Clinical Preventive Services (September 1993)

Benefit Design in Health Care Reform: Patient Cost-Sharing (September 1993)

Biological Components of Substance Abuse and Addiction (September 1993)

Biopolymers: Making Materials Nature’s Way (September 1993)

Compilation of Abbreviations and Terms (September 1993)

The Continuing Challenge of Tuberculosis (September 1993)

Contributions of DOE Weapons Labs and NIST to Semiconductor Technology (September 1993)

Coverage of Preventive Services: Provisions of Selected Current Health Care Reform Proposals (September 1993)

The Department of Veterans Affairs Persian Gulf Veterans’ Health Registry (September 1993)

Dismantling the Bomb and Managing the Nuclear Materials (September 1993)

Energy Efficiency: Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Utilities (September 1993)

Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in the United States (September 1993)

Impact of Legal Reforms on Medical Malpractice Costs (September 1993)

Information Systems Related to Technology Transfer: A Report on Federal Technology Transfer in the United States (September 1993)

Making Government Work: Electronic Delivery of Federal Services (September 1993)

Multinationals and the National Interest: Playing by Different Rules (September 1993)

Potential Environmental Impacts of Bioenergy Crop Production (September 1993)

Protecting Privacy in Computerized Medical Information (September 1993)

Pulling Together for Productivity: A Union-Management Initiative at US West, Inc. (September 1993)

Water for Walker Lake (September 1993)

Preparing for an Uncertain Climate-Vol. I (October 1993)

Preparing for an Uncertain Climate-Vol. II (October 1993)

Global Change Research and NASA’s Earth Observing System (November 1993)

Technologies Underlying Weapons of Mass Destruction (December 1993)