Annual Report to the Congress: Fiscal Year 1994 (March 1995)

The Fusion Energy Program: The Role of TPX and Alternate Concepts (February 1995)

Health Care Technology and Its Assessment in Eight Countries (February 1995)

Other Approaches to Civil-Military Integration: The Chinese and Japanese Arms Industries (March 1995)

The Cost-Effectiveness of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Average-Risk Adults (April 1995)

Nuclear Safeguards and the International Atomic Energy Agency (April 1995)

Teachers and Technology: Making the Connection (April 1995)

U.S.-Russian Cooperation in Space (April 1995)

Agriculture, Trade, and Environment: Achieving Complementary Policies (May 1995)

Costs and Effectiveness of Prostate Cancer Screening in Elderly Men (May 1995)

Hospital Financing in Seven Countries (May 1995)

The National Space Transportation Policy: Issues for Congress (May 1995)

A History of the Department of Defense Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (June 1995)

Reducing the Costs of Collecting Meteorological Data: A Workshop Summary (June 1995)

State of the States on Brownfields: Programs for Cleanup and Reuse of Contaminated Sites (June 1995)

Electronic Surveillance in a Digital Age (July 1995)

Environmental Technology: Analysis of Selected Federal R&D Programs (July 1995)

EPA Superfund Actions and ATSDR Public Health Data (July 1995)

International Partnerships in Large Science Projects (July 1995)

Coverage of Laser Technology by Health Insurers (August 1995)

Effectiveness and Costs of Osteoporosis Screening and Hormone Replacement Therapy, Vol. I: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (August 1995)

Effectiveness and Costs of Osteoporosis Screening and Hormone Replacement Therapy, Vol. II: Evidence on Benefits, Risks, and Costs (August 1995)

The Lower Tiers of the Space Transportation Industrial Base (August 1995)

Telecommunications Technology and Native Americans: Opportunities and Challenges (August 1995)

Advanced Automotive Technology: Visions of a Super-Efficient Family Car (September 1995)

Adverse Reactions to HIV Vaccines: Medical, Ethical, and Legal Issues (September 1995)

Assessing the Potential for Civil-Military Integration: Selected Case Studies (September 1995)

Biologically Based Technologies for Pest Control (September 1995)

Bringing Health Care Online: The Role of Information Technologies (September 1995)

Challenges for U.S. Agricultural Research Policy (September 1995)

Cleaning Up Contaminated Wood-Treating Sites (September 1995)

Current Status of Federal Involvement in U.S. Aquaculture (September 1995)

Distributed Interactive Simulation of Combat (September 1995)

Does Vocational Education Help the “Forgotten Half”?: Short-term Economic Consequences of High School Vocational Education for Non-College Students (September 1995)

Education and Technology: Future Visions (September 1995)

The Effectiveness of AIDS Prevention Efforts (September 1995)

The Effectiveness of Research and Experimentation Tax Credits (September 1995)

Environmental Monitoring for Nuclear Safeguards (September 1995)

Environmental Policy Tools: A User’s Guide (September 1995)

Federal Technology Transfer and the Human Genome Project (September 1995)

Fish Passage Technologies: Protection at Hydropower Facilities (September 1995)

Flat Panel Displays in Perspective (September 1995)

Foreign Eligibility for U.S. Technology Funding (September 1995)

Gauging Control Technology and Regulatory Impacts in Occupational Safety and Health: An Appraisal of OSHA’s Analytic Approach (September 1995)

Global Communications: Opportunities for Trade and Aid (September 1995)

Impact of Health Reform on Rural Areas: Lessons From the States (September 1995)

Impacts of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (September 1995)

Improving the Prospects for Future International Peace Operations: Workshop Proceedings (September 1995)

Information Technologies for the Control of Money Laundering (September 1995)

Innovation and Commercialization of Emerging Technologies (September 1995)

Issue Update on Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments (September 1995)

Learning To Work: Making the Transition From School to Work (September 1995)

Nuclear Wastes in the Arctic: An Analysis of Arctic and Other Regional Impacts From Soviet Nuclear Contamination (September 1995)

Occupational Training for Young People in the United Kingdom (September 1995)

Reducing Earthquake Losses (September 1995)

Renewing Our Energy Future (September 1995)

Risks to Students in School (September 1995)

Screening and Testing Chemicals in Commerce (September 1995)

Selected Technology Issues in U.S. Aquaculture (September 1995)

Targeting Environmental Priorities in Agriculture: Reforming Program Strategies (September 1995)

The Technological Reshaping of Metropolitan America (September 1995)

Technology and Policy for Suppressing Grain Dust Explosions in Storage Facilities (September 1995)

Wireless Technologies and the National Information Infrastructure (September 1995)