Annual Report to the Congress: Fiscal Year 1993 (March 1994)

Industry, Technology, and the Environment: Competitive Challenges and Business Opportunities (January 1994)

Psychiatric Disabilities, Employment and the Americans With Disabilities Act (March 1994)

Testing and Assessment in Vocational Education (March 1994)

The Social Security Administration’s Decentralized Computer Strategy: Issues and Options (April 1994)

An Alaskan Challenge: Native Village Sanitation (May 1994)

Electronic Enterprises: Looking to the Future (May 1994)

Energy Efficiency in Federal Facilities: Update on Funding and Potential Savings (May 1994)

Export Controls and Nonproliferation Policy (May 1994)

Technical Options for the Advanced Liquid Metal Reactor (May 1994)

Understanding Estimates of National Health Expenditures Under Health Reform (May 1994)

Wage Record Information Systems (May 1994)

Climate Treaties and Models: Issues in the International Management of Climate Change (June 1994)

Power Sources for Remote Arctic Applications (June 1994)

Defensive Medicine and Medical Malpractice (July 1994)

Fueling Reform: Energy Technologies for the Former East Bloc (July 1994)

Managed Care and Competitive Health Care Markets: The Twin Cities Experience (July 1994)

Saving Energy in U.S. Transportation (July 1994)

Understanding Estimates of the Impact of Health Reform on the Federal Budget (July 1994)

Assessing the Potential for Civil-Military Integration: Technologies, Processes, and Practices (September 1994)

Civilian Satellite Remote Sensing: A Strategic Approach (September 1994)

The Department of Defense Kuwait Oil Health Fire Risk Assessment (The “Persian Gulf Veterans’ Registry”) (September 1994)

External Review of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s HIV Prevention Program: Summary and Overview (September 1994)

Federal Research and Technology for Aviation (September 1994)

Hip Fracture Outcomes in People Age 50 and Over (September 1994)

Identifying Health Technologies That Work: Searching for Evidence (September 1994)

Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments (September 1994)

International Comparisons of Administrative Costs in Health Care (September 1994)

International Health Statistics: What the Numbers Mean for the United States (September 1994)

Mental Disorders and Genetics: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Society (September 1994)

Multinationals and the U.S. Technology Base (September 1994)

Perspectives on the Role of Science and Technology in Sustainable Development (September 1994)

Proliferation and the Former Soviet Union (September 1994)

Public Information About Osteoporosis: What’s Available, What’s Needed? (September 1994)

Remotely Sensed Data: Technology, Management and Markets (September 1994)

Review of the Medical Follow-Up Agency (September 1994)

Studies of the Environmental Costs of Electricity (September 1994)

Technologies for Understanding and Preventing Substance Abuse and Addiction (September 1994)

Tools for Evaluating Health Technologies: Five Background Papers (September 1994)

Universal Health Insurance and Uninsured People: Effects on Use and Cost (September 1994)

Virtual Reality and Technologies for Combat Simulation (September 1994)