Annual Report to the Congress for 1980 (March 1981)

An Assessment of Technology for Local Development (January 1981)

Policy Implications of the Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner: An Update (January 1981)

Coal Exports and Port Development (April 1981)

The Feasibility of Economic Evaluation of Diagnostic Procedures: The Case of CT Scanning (April 1981)

Formal Analysis, Policy Formulation, and End-Stage Renal Disease (April 1981)

Impacts of Applied Genetics: Micro-Organisms, Plants, and Animals (April 1981)

Nuclear Powerplant Standardization: Light Water Reactors (April 1981)

Patterns and Trends in Federal Coal Lease Ownership, 1950-80 (April 1981)

Screening for Colon Cancer: A Technology Assessment (April 1981)

Allocating Costs and Benefits in Disease Prevention Programs: An Application to Cervical Cancer Screening (May 1981)

Cost Effectiveness of Automated Multichannel Chemistry Analyzers (May 1981)

The Cost Effectiveness of Bone Marrow Transplant Therapy and Its Policy Implications (May 1981)

The Cost Effectiveness of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (May 1981)

Periodontal Disease: Assessing the Effectiveness and Costs of the Keyes Technique (May 1981)

Assessment of Technologies for Determining Cancer Risks From the Environment (June 1981)

Technology and Oceanography: An Assessment of Federal Technologies for Oceanographic Research and Monitoring (June 1981)

Assessing Selected Respiratory Therapy Modalities: Trends and Relative Costs in the Washington, D.C., Area (July 1981)

The Costs and Effectiveness of Nurse Practitioners (July 1981)

U.S. Industrial Competitiveness: A Comparison of Steel, Electronics, and Automobiles (July 1981)

The Costs and Effectiveness of Neonatal Intensive Care (August 1981)

Patent-Term Extension and the Pharmaceutical Industry (August 1981)

Solar Power Satellites (August 1981)

Benefit-And-Cost Analysis of Medical Interventions: The Case of Cimetidine and Peptic Ulcer Disease (September 1981)

Computer-Based National Information Systems: Technology and Public Policy Issues (September 1981)

Cost Benefit/Cost Effectiveness of Medical Technologies: A Case Study of Orthopedic Joint Implants (September 1981)

MX Missile Basing (September 1981)

Elective Hysterectomy: Costs, Risks, and Benefits (October 1981)

Surgery for Breast Cancer (October 1981)

Nonnuclear Industrial Hazardous Waste: Classifying for Hazard Management (November 1981)

Technology and Soviet Energy Availability (November 1981)

An Assessment of Development and Production Potential of Federal Coal Leases (December 1981)

An Assessment of the United States Food and Agricultural Research System (December 1981)

Cost Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccination (December 1981)