Annual Report to the Congress: Fiscal Year 1991 (March 1992)

Alaskan Water for California?: The Subsea Pipeline Option (January 1992)

NASA’s Office of Space Science and Applications: Process, Priorities and Goals (January 1992)

Technology Against Terrorism: Structuring Security (January 1992)

After the Cold War: Living With Lower Defense Spending (February 1992)

Forest Service Planning: Accommodating Uses, Producing Outputs, and Sustaining Ecosystems (February 1992)

Performance Standards for the Food Stamp Employment and Training Program (February 1992)

Testing in American Schools: Asking the Right Questions (February 1992)

Global Standards: Building Blocks for the Future (March 1992)

Managing Industrial Solid Wastes From Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas Production, and Utility Coal Combustion (March 1992)

Fueling Development: Energy Technologies for Developing Countries (April 1992)

Building Energy Efficiency (May 1992)

Combined Summaries: Technologies To Sustain Tropical Forest Resources and Biological Diversity (May 1992)

Evaluation of the Oregon Medicaid Proposal (May 1992) (press advisory)

Finding a Balance: Computer Software, Intellectual Property and the Challenge of Technological Change (May 1992)

Home Drug Infusion Therapy Under Medicare (May 1992)

The Menopause, Hormone Therapy, and Women’s Health (May 1992)

Trade and Environment: Conflicts and Opportunities (May 1992)

Building Future Security: Strategies for Restructuring the Defense Technology and Industrial Base (June 1992) (press advisory)

The CDC’s Case Definition of AIDS: Implications of Proposed Revisions (June 1992) (press advisory)

Disposal of Chemical Weapons: Alternative Technologies (June 1992)

Identifying and Controlling Pulmonary Toxicants (June 1992)

Lessons in Restructuring Defense Industry: The French Experience (June 1992)

Remotely Sensed Data From Space: Distribution, Pricing, and Applications (July 1992)

Retiring Old Cars: Programs To Save Gasoline and Reduce Emissions (July 1992)

Cystic Fibrosis and DNA Tests: Implications of Carrier Screening (August 1992)

A New Technological Era for American Agriculture (August 1992)

Police Body Armor Standards and Testing, Vol. I (August 1992)

Police Body Armor Standards and Testing, Vol. II-Appendixes (August 1992)

Special Care Units for People With Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias: Consumer Education, Research, Regulatory, and Reimbursement Issues (August 1992)

The Biology of Mental Disorders (September 1992)

Do Medicaid and Medicare Patients Sue More Often Than Other Patients? (September 1992)

Does Health Insurance Make a Difference? (September 1992) (press advisory)

Green Products by Design: Choices for a Cleaner Environment (September 1992)

Monitoring Limits on Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles (September 1992)

U.S.-Mexico Trade: Pulling Together or Pulling Apart? (September 1992)

Difficult-To-Reuse Needles for the Prevention of HIV Infection Among Injecting Drug Abusers (October 1992) (press advisory)

Federal and Private Roles in the Development and Provision of Alglucerase Therapy for Gaucher Disease (October 1992) (press advisory)

Genetic Counseling and Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening: Results of a Survey (October 1992) (press advisory)

Genetic Tests and Health Insurance: Results of a Survey (October 1992) (press advisory)

Science and Technology Issues in Coastal Ecotourism (October 1992)

U.S. Banks and International Telecommunications (October 1992)