‘A’ Topics


See Substance abuse and addiction


See also Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias; Cancer; Disabilities; Health and health technology; Osteoporosis

Costs and Effectiveness of Cholesterol Screening in the Elderly (April 1989)

Institutional Protocols for Decisions About Life-Sustaining Treatments (July 1988)

Life-Sustaining Technologies and the Elderly (July 1987)

Screening for Open-Angle Glaucoma in the Elderly (October 1988)

Technology and Aging in America (June 1985)

The Use of Preventive Services by the Elderly (January 1989)

Agricultural technology

See also Biological research and technology; Competitiveness; Environmental protection; Foods and nutrition; Insect and pest management technology; International relations and technology transfer; Research and development

Agricultural Commodities as Industrial Raw Materials (June 1991)

Agricultural Postharvest Technology and Marketing Economics Research (May 1983)

Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer Policies for the 1990s (March 1990)

Agriculture, Trade, and Environment: Achieving Complementary Policies (May 1995)

An Assessment of the United States Food and Agricultural Research System (December 1981)

Challenges for U.S. Agricultural Research Policy (September 1995)

Continuing the Commitment: Agricultural Development in the Sahel (August 1986)

Drugs in Livestock Feed (June 1979)

Enhancing Agriculture in Africa: A Role for U.S. Development Assistance (September 1988)

Impacts of Technology on U.S. Cropland and Rangeland Productivity (August 1982)

Integrated Renewable Resource Management for U.S. Insular Areas (June 1987)

A New Technological Era for American Agriculture (August 1992)

Organizing and Financing Basic Research To Increase Food Production (June 1977)

Plants: The Potential for Extracting Protein, Medicines, and Other Useful Chemicals (September 1983)

Potential Environmental Impacts of Bioenergy Crop Production (September 1993)

Targeting Environmental Priorities in Agriculture: Reforming Program Strategies (September 1995)

Technologies To Benefit Agriculture and Wildlife (May 1985)

Technology and Policy for Suppressing Grain Dust Explosions in Storage Facilities (September 1995)

Technology, Public Policy, and the Changing Structure of American Agriculture (March 1986)

Technology, Public Policy, and the Changing Structure of American Agriculture: A Special Report for the 1985 Farm Bill (March 1985)

U.S. Dairy Industry at a Crossroad: Biotechnology and Policy Choices (May 1991)

Using Desalination Technologies for Water Treatment (March 1988)

Water-Related Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid/Semiarid Lands: Selected Foreign Experience (May 1983)

Water-Related Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture in U.S. Arid/Semiarid Lands (October 1983)

AIDS/HIV infection

See also Health and health technology; Research and development

Adverse Reactions to HIV Vaccines: Medical, Ethical, and Legal Issues (September 1995)

AIDS and Health Insurance: An OTA Survey (February 1988)

The CDC’s Case Definition of AIDS: Implications of Proposed Revisions (June 1992)

The Costs of AIDS and Other HIV Infections: Review of the Estimates (May 1987)

Difficult-To-Reuse Needles for the Prevention of HIV Infection Among Injecting Drug Abusers (October 1992)

Do Insects Transmit AIDS? (September 1987)

The Effectiveness of AIDS Prevention Efforts (September 1995)

The Effectiveness of Drug Abuse Treatment: Implications for Controlling AIDS/HIV Infection (September 1990)

External Review of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s HIV Prevention Program: Summary and Overview (September 1994)

HIV in the Health Care Workplace (November 1991)

How Effective Is AIDS Education? (June 1988)

How Has Federal Research on AIDS/HIV Disease Contributed to Other Fields? (April 1990)

The Impact of AIDS on the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program (Northern California Region) (July 1988)

Review of the Public Health Service’s Response to AIDS (February 1985)

Air pollution

See Environmental protection

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse

See Health and health technology; Substance abuse and addiction

Alternative fuels

See also Climate change; Energy efficiency; Energy technology; Environmental protection; Oceans and oceanography; Oil, gas, and mineral resources; Transportation

Environmental Issues of Synthetic Transportation Fuels From Coal (December 1982)

Gasohol (September 1979)

Increased Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Synthetic Fuels: Alternatives for Reducing Oil Imports (September 1982)

Replacing Gasoline: Alternative Fuels for Light-Duty Vehicles (September 1990)

Selected Technical and Economic Comparisons of Synfuel Options (October 1982)

Synthetic Fuels for Transportation: The Future Potential of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (March 1982)

Water Availability for Synthetic Fuels: An Assessment of Current Studies (October 1982)

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

See also Aging; Biological research and technology; Mental health

Confused Minds, Burdened Families: Finding Help for People With Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias (July 1990)

Losing a Million Minds: Confronting the Tragedy of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias (April 1987)

Special Care Units for People With Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias: Consumer Education, Research, Regulatory, and Reimbursement Issues (August 1992)

Arms control

See Defense technology

Automobiles and automobile industry

See Alternative fuels; Competitiveness; Energy efficiency; Transportation


See Transportation