‘M’ Topics


See Business and industry; Competitiveness


See also Biomaterials; Superconductors

Advanced Materials by Design (June 1988)

An Assessment of Alternative Economic Stockpiling Policies (August 1976)

An Assessment of Information Systems Capabilities Required To Support U.S. Materials Policy Decisions (December 1976)

Engineering Implications of Chronic Materials Scarcity (April 1977)

New Structural Materials Technologies: Opportunities for the Use of Advanced Ceramics and Composites (September 1986)

Requirements for Fulfilling a National Materials Policy (August 1974)

Strategic Materials: Technologies To Reduce U.S. Import Vulnerability (May 1985)

Medicaid and Medicare

See Health and health technology; Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice

See also Health and health technology; Law and law enforcement technology

Defensive Medicine and Medical Malpractice (July 1994)

Do Medicaid and Medicare Patients Sue More Often Than Other Patients? (September 1992)

Impact of Legal Reforms on Medical Malpractice Costs (September 1993)

Mental health

See also Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias; Biological research and technology; Children’s health; Disabilities; Health and health technology

The Biology of Mental Disorders (September 1992)

Children’s Mental Health: Problems and Services (December 1986)

The Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness of Psychotherapy (October 1980)

Indian Adolescent Mental Health (January 1990)

Mental Disorders and Genetics: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Society (September 1994)

Metals industry

See also Business and industry; Competitiveness

Copper: Technology and Competitiveness (September 1988)

Nonferrous Metals: Industry Structure (September 1990)

Technical Options for Conservation of Metals: Case Studies of Selected Metals and Products (September 1979)