Annual Report to the Congress for 1981 (March 1982)

The Air Cargo System (January 1982)

Airport and Air Traffic Control System (January 1982)

Radiofrequency Use and Management: Impacts From the World Administrative Radio Conference of 1979 (January 1982)

Air Service to Small Communities (February 1982)

Exploratory Workshop on the Social Impacts of Robotics: Summary and Issues (February 1982)

World Population and Fertility Planning Technologies: The Next 20 Years (February 1982)

Energy Efficiency of Buildings in Cities (March 1982)

Selected Electronic Funds Transfer Issues: Privacy, Security, and Equity (March 1982)

Synthetic Fuels for Transportation: The Future Potential of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (March 1982)

Technology Transfer at the National Institutes of Health (March 1982)

Four Common X-Ray Procedures: Problems and Prospects for Economic Evaluation (April 1982)

Global Models, World Futures, and Public Policy: A Critique (April 1982)

Managing Commercial High-Level Radioactive Waste:  Summary  (April 1982) (This summary is a stand-alone document released prior to the 1985 report, which had its own summary.)

The Artificial Heart: Costs, Risks, and Benefits (May 1982)

Cardiac Radionuclide Imaging and Cost Effectiveness (May 1982)

Technology and Handicapped People (May 1982)

Civilian Space Policy and Applications (June 1982)

Financing and Program Alternatives for Advanced High-Speed Aircraft (August 1982)

Impacts of Technology on U.S. Cropland and Rangeland Productivity (August 1982)

Implications of Electronic Mail and Message Systems for the U.S. Postal Service (August 1982)

Review of the FAA 1982 National Airspace System Plan (August 1982)

Use of Models for Water Resources Management, Planning, and Policy (August 1982)

Increased Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Synthetic Fuels: Alternatives for Reducing Oil Imports (September 1982)

Mandatory Passive Restraint Systems in Automobiles: Issues and Evidence (September 1982)

MEDLARS and Health Information Policy (September 1982)

Space Science Research in the United States (September 1982)

Strategies for Medical Technology Assessment (September 1982)

An Assessment of Alternatives for a National Computerized Criminal History System (October 1982)

Medical Technology Under Proposals To Increase Competition in Health Care (October 1982)

Selected Technical and Economic Comparisons of Synfuel Options (October 1982)

Water Availability for Synthetic Fuels: An Assessment of Current Studies (October 1982)

Informational Technology and Its Impact on American Education (November 1982)

Postmarketing Surveillance of Prescription Drugs (November 1982)

Environmental Issues of Synthetic Transportation Fuels From Coal (December 1982)

Selected Telecommunications Devices for Hearing-Impaired Persons (December 1982)