Annual Report to the Congress: Fiscal Year 1990 (March 1991)

Energy in Developing Countries (January 1991)

Adjusting to a New Security Environment: The Defense Technology and Industrial Base Challenge (February 1991)

Changing by Degrees: Steps To Reduce Greenhouse Gases (February 1991)

Complex Cleanup: The Environmental Legacy of Nuclear Weapons Production (February 1991)

Seeking Solutions: High Performance Computing for Science (March 1991)

Adolescent Health, Vol. I: Summary and Policy Options (April 1991)

Delivering the Goods: Public Works Technologies, Management, and Financing (April 1991)

Identifying and Controlling Immunotoxic Substances (April 1991)

Rural America at the Crossroads: Networking for the Future (April 1991)

Bioremediation for Marine Oil Spills (May 1991)

Energy Efficiency in the Federal Government: Government by Good Example? (May 1991)

Federally Funded Research: Decisions for a Decade (May 1991)

Long-Lived Legacy: Managing High-Level and Transuranic Waste at the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex (May 1991)

U.S. Dairy Industry at a Crossroad: Biotechnology and Policy Choices (May 1991)

Verification Technologies: Managing Research and Development for Cooperative Arms Control Monitoring Measures (May 1991)

Adolescent Health, Vol. III: Crosscutting Issues in the Delivery of Health and Related Services (June 1991)

Agricultural Commodities as Industrial Raw Materials (June 1991)

Global Arms Trade: Commerce in Advanced Military Technology and Weapons (June 1991)

Moving Ahead: 1991 Surface Transportation Legislation (June 1991)

Automated Record Checks for Firearm Purchasers: Issues and Options (July 1991)

Energy Technology Choices: Shaping Our Future (July 1991)

Exploring the Moon and Mars: Choices for the Nation (July 1991)

Outpatient Immunosuppressive Drugs Under Medicare (July 1991)

Redesigning Defense: Planning the Transition to the Future U.S. Defense Industrial Base (July 1991)

Technology Against Terrorism: The Federal Effort (July 1991)

Verification Technologies: Cooperative Aerial Surveillance in International Agreements (July 1991)

Biological Rhythms: Implications for the Worker (September 1991)

Medical Monitoring and Screening in the Workplace: Results of a Survey (September 1991)

New Opportunities for U.S. Universities in Development Assistance: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment (September 1991)

New Ways: Tiltrotor Aircraft and Magnetically Levitated Vehicles (September 1991)

Adolescent Health, Vol. II: Background and the Effectiveness of Selected Prevention and Treatment Services (October 1991)

American Military Power: Future Needs, Future Choices (October 1991)

Biotechnology in a Global Economy (October 1991)

Competing Economies: America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim (October 1991)

Improving Automobile Fuel Economy: New Standards, New Approaches (October 1991)

Screening Mammography in Primary Care Settings: Implications for Cost Access and Quality (October 1991)

U.S. Oil Import Vulnerability: The Technical Replacement Capability (October 1991)

The 1992 World Administrative Radio Conference: Issues for U.S. International Spectrum Policy (November 1991)

Dioxin Treatment Technologies (November 1991)

The FBI Fingerprint Identification Automation Program: Issues and Options (November 1991)

HIV in the Health Care Workplace (November 1991)

Miniaturization Technologies (November 1991)

Review of a Protocol for a Study of Reproductive Health Outcomes Among Women Vietnam Veterans (December 1991)