Annual Report to the Congress for 1982 (March 1983)

Industrial and Commercial Cogeneration (February 1983)

Automation and the Workplace: Selected Labor, Education, and Training Issues (March 1983)

The Effectiveness and Costs of Alcoholism Treatment (March 1983)

Technologies and Management Strategies for Hazardous Waste Control (March 1983)

UNISPACE ’82: A Context for International Cooperation and Competition (March 1983)

Encouraging High-Technology Development (April 1983)

The Information Content of Premanufacture Notices (April 1983)

The Role of Genetic Testing in the Prevention of Occupational Diseases (April 1983)

Agricultural Postharvest Technology and Marketing Economics Research (May 1983)

Census of State Government Initiatives for High-Technology Industrial Development (May 1983)

Sustaining Tropical Forest Resources: Reforestation of Degraded Lands (May 1983)

Sustaining Tropical Forest Resources: U.S. and International Institutions (May 1983)

Technology and East-West Trade: An Update (May 1983)

Water-Related Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid/Semiarid Lands: Selected Foreign Experience (May 1983)

Habitability of the Love Canal Area: An Analysis of the Technical Basis for the Decision on the Habitability of the Emergency Declaration Area (June 1983)

Industrial Energy Use (June 1983)

Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) and the Medicare Program: Implications for Medical Technology (July 1983)

The Safety, Efficacy, and Cost Effectiveness of Therapeutic Apheresis (July 1983)

The Impact of Randomized Clinical Trials on Health Policy and Medical Practice (August 1983)

Quality and Relevance of Research and Related Activities at the Gorges Memorial Laboratory (August 1983)

Variations in Hospital Length of Stay: Their Relationship to Health Outcomes (August 1983)

Wood Use: U.S. Competitiveness and Technology-Vol. I (August 1983)

Plants: The Potential for Extracting Protein, Medicines, and Other Useful Chemicals (September 1983)

U.S. Natural Gas Availability: Conventional Gas Supply Through the Year 2000 (September 1983)

An Assessment of Maritime Trade and Technology (October 1983)

Water-Related Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture in U.S. Arid/Semiarid Lands (October 1983)

International Competitiveness in Electronics (November 1983)

Scientific Validity of Polygraph Testing: A Research Review and Evaluation (November 1983)

Assistive Devices for Severe Speech Impairments (December 1983)

SALYUT: Soviet Steps Toward Permanent Human Presence in Space (December 1983)

Technology and Learning Disabilities (December 1983)

U.S. Passenger Rail Technologies (December 1983)