Science, Technology, and the First Amendment (January 1988)

AIDS and Health Insurance: An OTA Survey (February 1988)

Healthy Children: Investing in the Future (February 1988)

The Defense Technology Base: Introduction and Overview (March 1988)

Using Desalination Technologies for Water Treatment (March 1988)

Electronic Delivery of Public Assistance Benefits: Technology Options and Policy Issues (April 1988)

Mapping Our Genes-Genome Projects: How Big? How Fast? (April 1988)

Urban Ozone and the Clean Air Act: Problems and Proposals for Change (April 1988)

Book Preservation Technologies (May 1988)

Criminal Justice, New Technologies, and the Constitution (May 1988)

Infertility: Medical and Social Choices (May 1988)

New Developments in Biotechnology: Field-Testing Engineered Organisms: Genetic and Ecological Issues (May 1988)

SDI: Technology, Survivability, and Software (May 1988)

Seismic Verification of Nuclear Testing Treaties (May 1988)

Technology and the American Economic Transition: Choices for the Future (May 1988)

Advanced Materials by Design (June 1988)

Are We Cleaning Up? 10 Superfund Case Studies (June 1988)

Commercializing High-Temperature Superconductivity (June 1988)

Educating Scientists and Engineers: Grade School to Grad School (June 1988)

Grassroots Development: The African Development Foundation (June 1988)

How Effective Is AIDS Education? (June 1988)

Paying the Bill: Manufacturing and America’s Trade Deficit (June 1988)

The Quality of Medical Care: Information for Consumers (June 1988)

The Impact of AIDS on the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program (Northern California Region) (July 1988)

Institutional Protocols for Decisions About Life-Sustaining Treatments (July 1988)

Launch Options for the Future: A Buyer’s Guide (July 1988)

New Developments in Biotechnology: U.S. Investment in Biotechnology (July 1988)

Safe Skies for Tomorrow: Aviation Safety in a Competitive Environment (July 1988)

Artificial Insemination: Practice in the United States: Summary of a 1987 Survey (August 1988)

Medical Testing and Health Insurance (August 1988)

Biology, Medicine, and the Bill of Rights (September 1988)

Copper: Technology and Competitiveness (September 1988)

Enhancing Agriculture in Africa: A Role for U.S. Development Assistance (September 1988)

Gearing Up for Safety: Motor Carrier Safety in a Competitive Environment (September 1988)

Power On! New Tools for Teaching and Learning (September 1988)

Reducing Launch Operation Costs: New Technologies and Practices (September 1988)

An Evaluation of Options for Managing Greater-Than-Class-C Low-Level Radioactive Waste (October 1988)

Informing the Nation: Federal Information Dissemination in an Electronic Age (October 1988)

Issues in Medical Waste Management (October 1988)

Pesticide Residues in Food: Technologies for Detection (October 1988)

Screening for Open-Angle Glaucoma in the Elderly (October 1988)

Elementary and Secondary Education for Science and Engineering (December 1988)